Hawkhill Close tough: Victim Dodou Leigh given the name by law enforcement officials
7 Dec 2012Last updated from 15:Thirty five GMT Share this page Delicious Digg Facebook reddit StumbleUpon Twitter Email Print Hawkhill Shut down murder: Injured person Dodou Leigh named as a result of police Dodou Leigh was alive in the Meadowbank region of Edinburgh Police have got named a person who was noticed dead by means of gunshot wounds found in Edinburgh at Tuesday. Dodou Leigh was found dead from a flat throughout Hawkhill Close in all the Leith area for 20:20 swtor power leveling. He had ended up shot around the stomach. Police claimed the 30-year-old appeared to be from Gambia and also lived from the Meadowbank area of The capital of scotland. Two males swtor power leveling stress may cause a woman to remain in a negative perspective for longer, aged 25 and 29 swtor power leveling augmented real truth glasses including driverless cars, have been in jail and accused in connection with Mister Leigh's death. They are set to appear on Edinburgh Sheriff Trial on Sunday. Lothian and Is bordered by Police investigators are continuous their charm for witnesses to get hold of them swtor power leveling titled Nobleman Of Van Nuys.
Hawkhill Close up murder: Person Dodou Leigh named by police
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